“Beyond the Fence” by Arman Qolipur received the Guirlande d’Honneur, while “Tsunami” by Milad Sadr-Ameli and “My Dear Bahman” by Mostafa Purmohammadi received honorable mentions, the organizers have announced.

“Beyond the Fence” by Arman Qolipur is about Behnaz who is a really talented football player. Her dream is to play for the Iranian football team and play in the best European leagues. 

“Tsunami” is about Iranian taekwondo competitor Morteza Nejadi who agrees to be defeated in the 2002 Olympics due to some political reasons, and then he loses everything in his personal and professional life. After eight years, he is called back for another try on the national team, but he must face a stubborn, young world champion named Behdad Moqimi who is also known as “Tsunami”. But there is turmoil in his personal life, too.

“My Dear Bahman” is a portrait of the life and death of Iranian Paralympic cyclist Bahman Golbarnejad, who lost his life in an accident during the tournament in the Paralympic Rio 2016.

In the first part of the documentary, Ali imitates his father and narrates Bahman’s early life in Abadan and Shiraz, where they moved after the Iran-Iraq war. Later on, he refuses to act as his father and narrates his father’s life as his son.

Several Iranian movies were screened during the festival, which took place in the Italian city of Milan from November 7 to 11.

The Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs (FICTS) is the organizer of the event, which was the final phase of the World FICTS Challenge that runs in 16 countries around the world including Iran.

Source: Tehran Times