Directed by brother filmmakers Mehdi and Hadi Zarei, the movie is about an Afghan teenage girl who lives in Shiraz, Iran, and reluctantly gets married to her late sister’s husband under the pressure of her family.

After a while, she escapes from home due to her husband and her brother’s torture and beating. She becomes a refugee to the welfare organization of Shiraz.

Zarei brothers narrate the story of Khatameh's life from the moment she took refuge in the welfare organization's help center to file for divorce.

Khatemeh previously was displayed in festivals in the US, Germany, Italy, and Czech Republic and won a number of awards.

France’s RAFT Film is the international distributor of the movie.

Life After Oil is an environmental & human rights film festival. It seeks to raise awareness among the widest possible audience on topics like ecology, environmental sustainability, and the creation of alternative energy sources to fossil fuels.

It is a film exhibition/competition for cinematographic works (documentaries, animations, fiction, video art) dealing with these issues.

Source:Mehr News