She has swum ten kilometers with one hand for four hours and 59 minutes in the Oman Sea.

The record was registered as Abolqasemi was taking scenes of the swimming for the documentary named “The Swimmer”, a public relations team of the project announced on Saturday. 

Actress Mahtab Keramati, the star of the acclaimed movie “Mazar-i-Sharif”, is a co-producer of the documentary.

Asghari had also acquired a Guinness World Record Certificate after registering her 5,488-meter swim both in the Caspian Sea and a swimming pool in Tehran in 2019. This is the farthest distance swimming while wearing handcuffs.

Earlier in 2017, she completed the challenge of swimming handcuffed for more than three hours non-stop in the Persian Gulf waters off the coast of the southwestern port city of Bushehr, located 1,050 kilometers (652 miles) south of the capital Tehran.  

Source:Tehran Times