The episode, entitled ‘The Night Shift,’ with Danial Kheirikhah in the lead role, was a tribute to the health workers who, in Italy and Iran, have fought and continue to be at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19.

In Iran, the epidemic continues to represent a national emergency that sees the best scientific and medical resources in the country committed to trying to stem it. 

In five dense minutes, and through an imaginary dialogue, half in Italian and half in Persian, ‘The Night Shift’ addresses the theme of the passage of time and its contradictions: The exasperating slowness of time imposed by confinement, on the one hand, and the memory of the relentless rhythms in the night shifts of health workers, on the other.

The episode became accessible as of Sept. 2 (together with the previous episode, ‘Beyond the Mirror’) on the social media channels of the Italian Embassy in Tehran.

The third of the eight episodes of the series will be published on Sept. 30.

Source: Iran Daily