Abbas Yari, Mehrabi's colleague in Film Magazine, announced the news to ISNA and said that he died of a heart attack on Monday morning.

Massoud Mehrabi was born in 1954 in Tehran. He is an Iranian journalist, writer, and caricaturist. He studied cinema at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts of the University of Art (1977–1982).

Mehrabi started his professional career as a journalist in 1970, writing articles for several papers. From 1982 to 1989, he worked at the economic desk of the Iranian National Television.

He has been the president and publisher of Film monthly, in Persian (since 1981),  Iranian Cinema Yearbook in Persian (since 1992), Film International quarterly, in English (since 1993).

Massoud Mehrabi writes books on cinema; "The History of Iranian Cinema "(1983) is the best-selling book ever written about the Iranian cinema, a book that has, by popular consent, become established as a powerful and fascinating read in its field. His remarkable recent book, "A Hundred Years of Film Adverts" and "Film Posters in Iran" (2012), a unique (bilingual) study on a subject neglected for years and decades, has been well received by the critics and movie fans.

Massoud Mehrabi, always interested in caricatures, has been a caricaturist and a graphic artist for a variety of Iranian publications since 1970 and participated in several Iranian and international caricature exhibitions.