Parasto Salehi, actress and a close friend of Mahchehreh Khalili, posted her death news on her personal Instagram page.
Mahchehreh Khalili was born in Tehran in1977. Khalili had a degree in architecture from Oxford University and completed courses at Method Acting, a college school in London that provides acting classes and lessons.  

 She was a grandchild of veteran actress Parvin Solemani.

She made her cinematic debut in 2002 with the movie "The Black Eyes".

Khalili has performed in a number of movies, including "Mask"(2004), "The Heaven Brief"(2004), "The Mouse"(2008),"st.Petersburg"(2009), "Death is my Bussiness"(2010), "Network"(2010) as well as "Sufferance and Ecstasy"(2013).

Some of the series in which she has appeared in include"In the Eye of the Storm"(2003-2009), "The Rise of Mokhtar"(2004-2009) and "The Pahlavi Hat"(2012-2013).