The festival will be organized by the Iranian Culture Center and Farabi Cinema Foundation in collaboration with the Motion Picture Producers Association of Japan and UNIJAPAN, a non-profit organization that organizes the Tokyo International Film Festival and promotes Japanese films abroad.

“Villa Dwellers” is about some of the families of the Iranian soldiers that stayed at residential villas near the frontline waiting to see their loved ones. Aziz and her grandchildren go the complex to get a chance to visit her son, Davud. After her arrival, new adventures begin.

A lineup of six other films will be screened during the three-day event.

The lineup includes “18 Percent”, a documentary by Mohammadreza Rezaian about Ali Jalali, an Iranian soldier who is wounded in an Iraqi chemical attack. Jalali is sent to Japan to receive treatments for his wounds.

Roqieh Tavakkoli’s debut film “Motherhood” has also been selected to screen. It tells the story of Nava and Golnar, two sisters who live together after the break-up of their marriages. However, Nava tries to convince her sister to get back with her husband.

The festival will also showcase Reza Mirkarimi’s acclaimed 2005 drama “So Close, So Far”. Dr. Alam, a specialist in neurology and a successful surgeon, is drowned in his professional and social work, in a way that he has totally forgotten all about his son Saman. Samantha the beautiful nights of desert with it starry sky attracts Saman to itself and the young boy falls in love with the night sky and observation of stars. Due to an event the doctor leaves his profession and work behind and goes through the desert to find his son.

“Azar” directed by Mohammad Hamzei will also be screened. It is about a woman who is trying hard to manage a cafe-restaurant she has opened with her husband who is now in jail. She also tries to compromise to get her husband released but things are not going as she has planned.

Director Kamal Tabrizi’s “The Sweet Taste of Imagination” is also on the lineup. It recounts the story of a man so fascinated with protecting the environment that he has dedicated his entire life to it. All he can think of is clean energies and educating others on how to keep the planet safe.

The lineup also includes “The Painting Pool” by Maziar Miri. The movie tells the story of Maryam and Reza, a married couple with severe learning disabilities. When their son’s school work starts to surpass their own abilities, he grows frustrated with them and after a heated argument runs away from home. Maryam and Reza are left to struggle with work, money and heartbreak in this affecting exploration of love and family that balances its more tragic moments with warmth and humor.

The Iranian Culture Center has called on Japanese Persian learners in Tokyo to attend the festival, which is open to the general public.

Source:Tehran Times