Written and directed by Reyhane Mortezaeinia, ‘Braceball’ narrates the story of a young boy with a disability, who loves soccer and makes every effort to have his dream come true in spite of his physical limitations.

‘Don’t Worry’ by Mana Pakseresht, narrates the story of a teenager who is alone at home on her birthday due to self-quarantine. Though, her mother who is a nurse and is in the hospital has a surprise for the girl.

Directed by Mohammad Reza Masoudi, 'The Pains of the Sea’ is about Syrian and Iraqi immigrants who are trying to cross the sea to reach Turkey. A mother must choose between the life of her child and her own life in the sea.

Set in England's Royal Harbour, and the stunning location to multiple award-winning and acclaimed TV and Film productions, the 4th Ramsgate International Film and TV Festival will show new works and help promote filmmakers and cultural awareness.

Source: Mehr News