He said on Saturday that he is writing the screenplay that mostly focuses on Iranian officials.

In “The World of Silence” a new viral disease named “COVID-20” is detected. The virus, which has been transferred from snakes to man, does not kill its victims; rather, they lose their hearing instead as a result. The virus spreads from New York during the General Assembly of the United Nations. Members of an Iranian delegation attending the meeting test positive for the virus and are no longer able to hear people. Finally, Ahmad Aslani, a top Iranian microbiologist, is assigned the task of researching the virus to make a vaccine for the disease.

The production of Mohammadpur’s latest movie “Falling in Love in Hanoi”, a project between Iran and Vietnam, remained unfinished in March as members of the Iranian crew failed to get visas to Vietnam due to the new virus outbreak in the world.

He said that his crew is ready to resume their activities as soon as Vietnam lifts the travel restrictions.

He reached an agreement with several Vietnamese actors to join the cast. However, Mohammadpur said that it is not clear if they will be able to keep to the agreement due to the changes in the conditions.

“Falling in Love in Hanoi” is about a man named Ali who is suffering from depression ever since his fiancé was killed in an accident. Ali’s parents decide to send him to Vietnam to visit a friend named Ahmad in order to change his mood but several events are waiting to happen for Ali when he arrives in Hanoi.

Mohammadpur made his previous films “Salam Mumbai” and “The Devil’s Daughter” in India with casts of Iranian and Bollywood actors.

Source:Tehran Times