However, the protocols issued by the Coronavirus Control Operations Headquarters for the theaters must be observed.

The cinemagoers are asked to observe social distancing, while the employees are asked to wear face masks and plastic gloves.

Fever test before entering the cinemas, frequent sanitization of the halls and public restrooms, as well as the screening of a video on how to protect oneself from the coronavirus before the feature film are also among the regulations required by the Coronavirus Control Operations Headquarters.

Earlier last week, the Association of Iranian Theater Owners asked President Hassan Rouhani to lift the coronavirus restriction on cinemas, calling for reopening of the theaters across the country based on the health protocols during the pandemic.

On May 10, the Cinema Organization of Iran announced that Iranian cineastes can resume their activities in the near future. 

The organization said that the filmmakers are allowed to resume their activities while observing the new regulations.

“Unfinished projects that possess a production license can resume activities, which follow the regulations,” COI said.

“However, those projects that are seeking production licenses can upload the required documents at the COI website for further studies, and the councils that are responsible to study and issue a production license will soon resume their activities,” it added.

All the activities must be carried out based on the medical protocols for filmmakers under producers’ supervision.

The producers are asked to observe social distancing while at the project, and in case the regulations are not observed, each individual can inform the organization for further decisions.

Source:Tehran Times