Theatre writer and director Jafar Mahyari, has just finished filming his first short film Imagination, also written and produced by him.

It tells the story of two sisters, one of whom is in search of a missing thing. The younger sister is trying to help her change course and find what she wants.

The 15-minute film is set to be screened on February 27-29 at the Library Theater in Toronto. Mahyari is also scheduled to stage two plays in the Canadian theater during three nights.

Full Film Profile

International Title: Imagination

Original Title: Engareh

Writer and Director: Jafar Mahyari

Country: Iran

Year: 2020

Film run: 15'

Cast: Sara Pahlavani, Elham Jalali

Cameraman and Lighting: Masoud Khodadad

Editor and Sound mixer: Hazhir Kaboodian

Music: Elyas Shiri

Scene Designer: Jafar Mahyari

Costume Designer, Script supervisor, Planner and Assistant: Azam Shokoufehpour

Make-up/Hair Artist: Vandad Darvishian 

Sound Recording: Mehdi Arbabon

Production Manager and behind the scene Documentary filmmaker: Mohammad Rahmani

Camera Assistant: Iman Feyz Pour

Photographer, Technical Affairs and Camera Consultant: Hassan Mohammadi

International Affairs Manager: Farshad Nedaei

International Relations: Nikou Raassi

Project Quality and Executive Advisor: Majeed Rezaie

Makeup Designers: Hamid Moradi, Vandad Darvishian

Producer: Jafar Mahyari        

Production: Zendegi Theater Company