The Iranian film won the Best Social Shorts Films award at the 4th edition of Solidando Film Festival in Italy.

The film is about an ex-soldier working in a movie theater who battles a blood-red stain that appears on screen every time a war film plays. The more he fights the stain, the bigger it gets until it drips onto the floor and leaves a puddle. Unable to remove the stain, the man must face his unresolved trauma about his life in the military.

Another Iranian short film, Flying Fishes by Mohammad Towrivarian, received the festivals Special Mention.

The film is about a teacher who is new to a village. He notices that the only girl in his class does not talk and has cigarette burns on her skin.

Solidando film festival is an Italian no-profit and nongovernmental organization established in 2004 and based in Cagliari the capital of Sardinia island.

The festival has a commitment to help low-income countries, improving educational growth and reduce social disadvantage through specific projects, according to the events organizers.

Source: Mehr News