The festival, held from November 6 to November 9 in Ashland, Wisconsin, included five titles by Iranian filmmakers in its screening lineup. The films were:

Animal by Bahram Ark and Bahman Ark: The Ark twins, 27 year-olds from Tabriz, Iran, have made this film about a man who tries desperately to cross the border disguised as a ram.

Birthday Night by Omid Shams: A drive home after finishing work for the night may change the relationship beteen two brothers forever. A searing look at interpersonal relations from Iran.

Jalil and Kahlil by Rouhollah Akbari: This documentary follows two brothers from a small farming village in Iran who make the national track team, but who still have to contend with problems at home.

Vars by Javad Vatani: At 360 feet high with a 216-foot span, when built in 1936 the Vars Railway Bridge in Iran was an engineering and construction marvel, and changed the economic and social life of the region.  Now, the construction warranties have finally run out, and the government is questioning whether to close down the bridge.  A fascinating look at the bridges history and its impact on its community.

The Visit by Mehrdad Abbasian Vahdat: A little Kafka, a little Beckett, a little Havel, and a great original sensibility of the absurd.

The Big Water Film Festival in Ashland, Wisconsin, awards the following prizes: Best Feature, Best Short, Best Short-Short, Best Documentary, Audience Favorite, and the Loren Savitsky Young Filmmaker Award.

Source: Mehr News