Just 6.5 by Saeed Roustayi, Labyrinth by Amir-Hossein Torabi and The Warden by Nima Javidi will be competing in the New Directors Competition.

Castle of Dreams by Reza Mirkarimi, Tehran: City Of Love, a co-produced by Iran, the UK and the Netherlands by Ali Jaber-Ansari, A Moon for My Father, a co-production between Iran and the UK by  Mania Akbari and Douglas White, and The Graveless by Mostafa Sayyari will be competing in the International Perspective section.

Just 6.5 shows a police group under the leadership of Samad who was assigned to arrest Nasser Khakzad, a major drug trafficker in Tehran.

The film was a big winner at the 19th Hafez Awards as it was honored in several categories including best film and best director.

The Warden tells the story of an Iranian prison warden who is assigned to transfer prisoners to a new building during the 1960s.

Labyrinth shows how everybody is looking for an escape path in life while they don’t know that there is only one way, and that they must reach the middle of the labyrinth to find it.

Over 300 movies will be screened in different sections of the festival.

Source: Tehran Times