The group was impressed by visiting the historical items from Iranian cinema on displaying in different sections of the museum, including the halls and courtyard.

Blomqvist expressed pleasure in getting to know a major museum in the world and praised the officials of the museum for displaying the great number of invaluable objects.

“The media such as films are part of the history and culture of a nation and can help visitors find a new perspective about the country,” the professor said.

The professor also added that the historical film equipment on view at the museum reveals great points about the culture of Iran.

The museum is housed in a beautiful Qajar-era mansion surrounded by a pleasant garden in the northern part of the capital Tehran. 

It is home to rare cinema equipment, as well as photos and posters from Iran’s century-old movie industry. 

The awards and memorabilia of great masters, filmmakers and actors of Iranian cinema are also on display at the museum.

Source: Tehran Times