Umbra, a narrative short by Saeid Jafarian is among the movies. Umbra is about a young woman who is looking for her missing partner at midnight.

The lineup also includes Ceremony Night by Behnam Abedi. It tells the story of a worker who falls to his death down the big wheel just an hour before a local carnival opens, and the other workers are forced to keep silent and continue the opening ceremony.

Javad Yaghmuri’s short documentary Brotherhood about the story of four friends and Mohammad Ehsani’s short documentary Karun about the environmental threats to the Karun River will also be screened.

Also among the films are The People Smuggler by Amir Reza Jalalian and Birthday Night by Omid Shams.

The People Smuggler tells the story of a mysterious old man known as the people smuggler, who helps a couple through the jungle and across the border as he has done many times before. However, this time is different as he takes special notice of the girlfriend.

Birthday Night is about two close friends who face a dramatic situation on their shared birthday night.

The festival is organized every year by the Flickers Arts Collaborative, a non-profit arts organization.

Source: Tehran Times