A lineup of movies produced over the past 40 years in the country will be reviewed in a program entitled Once Upon a Time ... 1979 during the festival, which will be held from June 12 to 18.

A highlight of the program is Hossein Torabi’s 1980 documentary For Freedom. The film was ranked last on the British Film Institute Southbank’s list of Ten Documentaries That Shook the World. 

Bahram Beizai’s 1979 movie The Ballad of Tara, Ali Jakan’s 1985 drama The Mare, Masud Jafari-Jozani’s 1985 adventure movie Cold Roads, Nasser Taqvai’s 1987 drama Captain Khorshid, and Saeid Ebrahimifar’s 1988 fiction film Fire and Grenade will also be screened.

The lineup also includes the documentary films The New Breaths (1980) by Kianush Ayari and Iran, a Film Revolution (2006) by Nader T. Homayun.

The organizers also plan to screen a selection of the latest productions from Iranian cinema, including Sheeple by Hooman Seyyedi, The Graveless by Mostafa Sayyari, Rona, Azim’s Mother by Jamshid and Navid Mahmudi, Astigmatism by Majidreza Mostafavi and Hat-Trick by Ramtin Lavafi.

Several French institutions are organizing the festival in collaboration with the Iranian Short Film Association and the Iran Film Archives.

Source: Tehran Times