The lineup includes three films from Iran and 12 films from China, Japan, Turkey, Armenia, Malaysia and several other countries.

Without My Friend by Mohammad-Ali Talebi, Numbness by Hossein Mahkam and 23 Individuals by Mehdi Jafari are the Iranian films to screen in the section.

The lineup also includes Amina by Ayman Zeidan from Syria, Coming Home by Darya Shumakova from Armenia,

Crossing the Border by Huo Meng from China, Crossroads by Nam Ron from Malaysia, Fortitude by Rashid Malikov from Uzbekistan and Hills Without Names by Hilal Baydarov from Azerbaijan.

Also included are Rona, Azim’s Mother, a co-production between Afghanistan and Iran by the Tehran-based Afghan brothers Jamshid and Navid Mahmudi, and Hotel New Moon, a co-production between Iran and Japan by Japanese filmmaker Takefumi Tsutsui

Screwdriver by Bassam Jarbawi from Palestine, The Announcement by Mahmut Fazil from Turkey and The Song of the Tree by Aibek Daiyrbekov from Kyrgyzstan will also go on screen in this section.

Source: Tehran Times