His latest movie Everybody Knows will also go on screen at the Masters and Auteurs section of the festival, which will be held from March 18 to April 1.

Farhadi won his first Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film with A Separation in 2012. In 2017, his film The Salesman received the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.

In addition, Iranian director Arash Lahuti’s Orange Days will compete in the official section of the festival, while UK-based Iranian filmmaker Ebrahim Golestan’s 1964 film The Brick and the Mirror will go on screen in the Kaleidoscope section.

Orange Days tells the story of Aban, the only female contractor in the cutthroat and male-dominated orange harvesting industry, who enters a competition to win a large contract.

The Brick and the Mirror is about Hashem, a cab driver who finds an infant child in the back seat of his cab one night after he gives a ride to a young woman. He and his girlfriend, Taji, try to cope with this unwanted child. Hashem insists on getting rid of the child, Taji on keeping him. In the end, Hashem gets rid of them both.

Source: Tehran Times