The 1980 film, which ranked last on the British Film Institute Southbank’s list of Ten Documentaries That Shook the World, will be reviewed in a special category dedicated to screening documentaries on the revolution.

A newly edited version of the film has been prepared for screening at Cinéma Vérité, which is Iran’s major international festival for documentary cinema, event director Mohammad–Mehdi Tabatabainejad, who also presides over Iran’s Documentary and Experimental Film Center, said during a press conference on Tuesday.

“Pulse of History” (1979) by Asghar Fardust and Davud Kanani, “New Blood” (1979) by Kianush Ayyari and “Search” (1980) by Amir Naderi are among the films selected for screening in the section.

The festival also plans to honor Torabi and Manuchehr Moshiri, who is famous for his social and biographical documentary films, for their lifetime achievements.

In addition, a selection of films screened at the 20th edition of the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival in Greece during March will be reviewed at the festival.  

A large number of international filmmakers, including Gianfranco Pannone from Italy and Nicolas Philibert from France, will attend this year’s festival to promote their latest films.

They also hold various workshops at the festival that will run in Tehran and dozens of Other Iranian cities until December 16.

Source: Tehran Times