The two films are competing in the Narrative Short Films category with a selection of films coming from different countries including India, Mexico, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, and Hungary.

“Like a Good Kid” by Arian Vazirdaftari tells the story of Sara, a 24-year-old girl who is supposed to babysit Matin, a 6-year-old boy, for the day, while his mother is at work. In the morning, Matin tells Sara a story of a fight with his mother from the night before that leads to a series of events throughout the day which will change Matin and Sara for the rest of their lives.

“The Fog” by Ali Shurvarzi centers on a woman who is a corpse washer. She has not washed any children since the death of her own child, but after a while, she finds herself in a situation in which she has to wash a dead child.

Source: Tehran Times