Iran’s box office record was held by Saman Moqaddam’s comedy drama “Sperm Whale 2: Roya Selection”, which earned $4.9 million last summer. 

  The story of “Centipede” is set in the 1980s and 1990s. It is about Reza, a delinquent who has lost one of his legs in an accident. Reza finds that Elham, a girl from a wealthy family, has vowed to marry a war veteran. He begins making a great attempt to disguise himself as a war veteran due to his physical disability.       

“The Lost Strait”, Bahram Tavakkoli’s war drama, is the second highest-grossing movie at Iran’s box offices this summer, earning over $900,000. Comic movie “Woman’s Enemy” by Karim Amini stands next by grossing over $700,000.

Iran’s box offices earned over $14 million this summer. There has been no significant increase in box office receipts compared to the same period in the previous year.

Iranian analysts have said that the 2018 FIFA World Cup games and Muharram mourning season have caused a slump in Iranian box office receipts.

Source: Tehran Times