Written and directed by Lakzadeh, the movie is about Farhad who returns to his birthplace, a village in a mountainous area, after many years. When a crime occurs in front of him, he goes into a jungle seeking the truth.

The 2017 indie film won best director award at the 4th Eurasia International Monthly Film Festival in Russia and the 66th International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg, Germany.

Lakzadeh has directed and written three other art house films including Scissor (2015), A Girl in the Room (2016) and The Gambler (2017).

The film festival in Quito was founded in 2016 by the Film School of UDLA University in the Ecuadorean capital.

It is an academic festival mainly organized by the students and their professors. The festival has a young and fresh atmosphere and invites jury-members from all over the world to judge the participating movies.

Source: Financial Tribune