He made the remarks in a meeting with the Iranian cultural attaché Hamid Mostafavi in Tbilisi on Saturday.

“Cinema is a phenomenon that deeply affects people from every walk of life and could play a key role in strengthening cultural relations among nations,” Magalashvili said.

“Due to Iran’s large capacity for filmmaking and the cultural affinities between Iran and Georgia, we are interested in collaborating with all Iranian film centers on joint projects,” he added.

He also said that the Georgian National Film Center is ready to organize festivals of Iranian films during autumn this year.

On his part, Mostafavi said that Iran’s Farabi Cinema Foundation plans to arrange a festival of Iranian films in Tbilisi in collaboration with the Georgian National Film Center in the near future.

Diplomatic relations between Iran and Georgia were established on May 15, 1992, but the two nations have a long and distinguished history of cultural relations.       

Source: Tehran Times