“Mother of the Earth” by Mahnaz Afzali and “Poets of Life” by Shirin Barqnavard, two films from “Karestan”, a documentary series on Iranian entrepreneurs, are seen in the screening program.

“Karestan” depicts the successful lives of Iranian entrepreneurs and gives a new definition of careers in Iran. Each part has been directed by a different filmmaker under the supervision of the filmmakers Rakhshan Bani-Etemad and Mojtaba Mirtahmasb.

“Israfil” by Ida Panahandeh, “Mothering” by Roqieh Tavakkoli and “Tahameh” by Nayyer Sadeq Qayebolaghi are other Iranian movies on screen at the festival.

In addition, Bani-Etemad is the special guest of the festival and is scheduled to hold a master class on May 16 at Baskent University in Ankara, while her “The Blue Veiled” will be reviewed.

Source: Tehran Times