Leaf of Life, had its international premiere in the competition section of the 24th Vesoul International Film Festival of Asian Cinema in France, held from 30th January to 6th of February, 2018.

In Leaf of Life, a director enthusiastically shoots a documentary film about the cultivation and harvest of saffron in a small town of north-east Iran. He agreed to do this work to earn enough money for buying a house in Tehran. However, prices of the real estate business are rising, and he gets worried. Instead of focusing on the direction of his film, he spends time with his producer, who is supposed to find him the house of his dreams, until the day he is told that in fact he has already bought a flat. The conditions of shooting are not easy either because of the director's demands. The farmers, particularly one old man, are reluctant.

The Vesoul International Film Festival of Asian Cinema (Festival international des cinémas d'Asie) is an annual special-interest film festival focusing on the cinemas of Asia. The festival is held annually in Vesoul, France. It was created in 1995 by Martine and Jean-Marc Thérouanne who have been codirecting the festival since then.

Source: Mehr News