The mausoleum, which is surmounted by a massive dome covered with turquoise-blue faience tiles, stands tall in north-western Zanjan province.

“Restoration of the monument, which has the world’s biggest  [double-shell] brick dome, is high on the list of priorities at Zanjan’s cultural heritage and tourism directorate,” CHTN quoted the director of the World Heritage site as saying on Sunday.   

“We have always remained loyal to the original characteristics, decorations, and architecture of the monument during restoration projects of the Oljaytu mausoleum and other associated monuments of the UNESCO site,” Hossein Eydani added.

The mausoleum is one of Iran’s must-visit destinations for those interested in traditional Persian and genuine Islamic architecture. It is surmounted by one of the largest brick domes in the globe, though some mistakenly refer to it as “the largest dome in the world”.

Meaning “Town of the Sultans”, Soltanieh was briefly the capital of Persia’s Ilkhanid dynasty (a branch of the Mongol dynasty) during the 14th century. According to UNESCO, the Mausoleum of Oljaytu is an essential link and key monument in the development of Islamic architecture in central and western Asia.

The extremely rich interior of the mausoleum displays glorious glazed tiles, brickwork, marquetry, stuccowork, frescoes, and vivid illustrations, amongst other decorations.  

Source: Tehran Times