The life and artworks of Mikhak, a multifaceted Iranian artist who has lived and worked in Rome where he undertook a personal artistic journey from realism to abstract art, was screened at the residence of the Italian Ambassador in Tehran, Giuseppe Perrone, according to the embassy’s press release obtained by Iran Daily on Friday.

Speaking about his artworks, the artist explained to the audience of art critics, gallery directors, art collectors and diplomats, how deep and meaningful his artistic, intellectual and human experience in Italy was.

Mikhak has lived in Italy for 24 years, studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, and perfecting his training in areas such as set design and industrial design.

In Rome he opened a successful art gallery (Galleria Altri Temi) and a cultural center (Centro Culturale Aquario). He returned to Iran, to his hometown Isfahan, in 1996.

In addition to the screening of the documentary, the gardens of the Italian residence hosted an exhibition of some of the most representative artworks of three of Mikhak’s signature collections.

From the first collection, entitled ‘Vague,’ 20 postcards were exhibited, laid out on a large panel to outline the various stages of an ideal journey from Rome to Isfahan and back. From the second one, ‘Living Soul,’ six stylized photographs of reflections of Venice in the water were also introduced to the public. From the last collection, titled ‘Playing with the Letters of the Alphabet,’ four paintings of abstract calligraphy were exhibited, featuring a reinterpretation and combination of signs and letters of the Persian and Latin alphabets.

The documentary ‘Akbar Mikhak. From Realism to Abstraction,’ as well as the previous four episodes of the series ‘From Tehran to Rome. A Journey through Art,’ are available for viewing on the embassy’s social media platform (YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter), according to the press release.


Source: Iran Daily