The video documentary was screened on Saturday at an event hosted by the Italian Ambassador Giuseppe Perrone at his residence in Iran’s capital Tehran.

The episode follows the recent architectural evolution of the ‘Garden City,’ and the efforts going on in order to preserve its precious green spaces, through the words of architect Shervin Hosseini, according to a press release of the Italian Embassy in Tehran obtained by Iran Daily.

Once known as the ‘Garden City,’ Isfahan is nowadays shaped by two emerging trends. On the one hand, there are new urban needs to consider, which over the last few decades have changed the urban landscape. On the other hand, increasing efforts are being produced to make sure that these incoming needs don’t affect negatively the traditional architecture of the city as it has been shaped by its glorious past.

Hosseini, through his works ‘Villa 131’ and ‘Bagh Jannat,’ aims at reconnecting contemporary architecture to Isfahan’s roots through the rediscovery of green spaces and desert cities’ wind towers following the traditional Persian “introvert architecture” style.

‘Isfahan Persian Gardens and New Urban Trends’ illustrates how the years he spent in Italy helped Hosseini gain increasing awareness of the need to connect contemporary architecture to history and specific cultural identities, read the press release.

‘Domus Eyes on Iran’ is produced by the Italian Embassy in Tehran in cooperation with the Milan-based famous international magazine Domus. Now at its seventh episode, the series takes inspiration from select stories published by Domus from the 1940s until present.

The video-documentary ‘Isfahan Persian Gardens and New Urban Trends’ and the previous episodes of the series (‘The Tehran’s Contemporary Museum. The Anti-Monument,’ ‘Qajar Tehran. The Glass & Ceramics Museum and the Italian residence,’ ‘Orsi Khaneh. A Window on Iran’s Unique Blend of History & Modernity,’ ‘Architecture Meets Nature’ by Sara Kalantary and Reza Sayadian,’ ‘Gaetano Pesce and the Tehran National Library,’ and ‘Villa for an Older Brother’) were previously screened.

They are available for viewing on the social media platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter) of the Italian Embassy in Tehran, the press release said.

Source: Iran Daily