Italian Ambassador to Tehran Giuseppe Perrone, on December 16, hosted the launch of the new episode of an original video-series dedicated to architecture and design, ‘Domus’ Eyes on Iran,’ produced by the Italian Embassy in collaboration with the historic Milanese magazine.

Architecture meets nature in the third episode of the ‘Domus’ Eyes on Iran’ series, according to the Italian Embassy in Tehran.

The initiative is aimed at retracing, through 10 video episodes from the 1950s up to the present, the main stages of Domus’ interest in projects carried out in Iran by Iranian and Italian architects and designers.

The documentary, third in a series of ten episodes, depicts the relationship between Iranian architecture and nature through an analysis of the works of architects, Sara Kalantary and Reza Sayadian, starting with the ‘Saba’ apartments, a residential building located in the Heravi district of Tehran, covered by Domus in 2016, before moving on to ‘Danial’ (2011) and ‘Casa-06’ apartments (2020).

The ‘Saba’ apartments, an example of low-cost and eco-sustainable urban design, are also linked, in the video-documentary, to the historic rationalist building, ‘Casa del Fascio,’ built in the 1930s by Giuseppe Terragni in Como, also presented by Domus in 1938.

Held at the residence of the Italian ambassador in Farmanieh, the event was attended by a select group of architects, entrepreneurs and journalists, strictly in compliance with the anti-COVID-19 health protocols, and received extensive media coverage on the main Iranian television channels.

Through the analysis of works created over the last few decades, the ‘Domus’ Eyes on Iran’ series highlights the importance of Iranian architects’ and designers’ creativity, as well as numerous and fruitful connections developed with Italy.

The first episode of the series was dedicated to the Iranian architect Alireza Taqaboni and his ‘Villa for an Older Brother,’ illustrated by Domus magazine in 2018.

The second episode shed light on the visionary project for the National Library of Iran carried out in 1977 by Gaetano Pesce, a forerunner of architectural trends that emerged in the following decades.

All the episodes can be seen on social media channels of the Italian Embassy in Tehran (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter).

Source: Iran Daily