In this meeting with presents of cinema, television and theatre actor Darioush Arjmand, Mr Nobakht delivered his tribute to the high position of the veteran artists.

Dr Mohammad Bagher Nobakht vice president and director of the budget and program organization expressed his satisfaction about transforming Azadi Tower as a basement for activities of veteran artists also indicated the veteran artists as cultural and society foundations with emphasising needful supports which Mr Nobakht will be one of the main patrons to push forward this movement.

In this meeting also Mr Arjmand the actor delivered his gratitude on behalf of all artists to the government and promised Azadi Tower since this meeting will experience different and new things with support of all masters and maestros of art in Iran with an iconic building which is in artists' hands yet.

All participants of this meeting witnessed unveiling one of the oldest pictures of Azadi Tower and it has been felicitated to Mr Nobakht at the end vice president had a Azadi Tower tour. This iconic tower is under spotlight of Roudaki Foundation.