• The birthday of Rudaki, who is widely regarded as the father of Persian poetry, celebrated at Tehran’s Vahdat Hall on December 25. During the celebration, the Roudaki foundation introduced three books, one of which is “Rudakilike”. The book contains over 20 articles about Rudaki, compiled by Marzieh Daliri-Asl under the supervision of Rudaki expert Mohammad-Jafar Yahaqqi. The book throwe new light on the unfamiliar aspects of Rudaki’s poetry and life. A collection of articles compiled with contributions from litterateur Neder Karimian Sardashti introduced. A collection carrying a number of musical scores written by Kiavash Sahebnasaq for poems by Rudaki also unveiled. Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Mohammad- Mehdi Esmaili , President of ECO Cultural Institute Sarvar Bakhti, Roudaki Foundation Managing Director Mahdi Afzali, and a group of artist were in attendance.