Museum of Contemporary Art

  • The press conference for the reopening of the new exhibition of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran on Tuesday (June 3) in the presence of Hadi Mozaffari Director-General of Visual Arts, Ehsan Aghaei Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran, Shahriar Hatami curator of the exhibition “The Concealed over the Revealed”, and Amirrad Curator of the exhibition “Persona” to be held at the museum.

  • The Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art inaugurated on Sunday a new sculpture gifted by British-German sculptor Tony Cragg. The sculpture is called Roots and Stones. The famous sculptor held an exhibition in Tehran from October 2017 to January 2018.

  • TEHRAN.(HONARONLINE) – The Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (TMCA) plans to review French cinema by screening six movies selected by Jean-Michel Frodon, the former editorial director of the French film magazine Cahiers du Cinema.

  • The 7th edition of 30 Performances, 30 Artists, 30 Days is currently underway in Tehran’s Museum of Contemporary Art. The event explores new art mediums and features video art, performance art, web art, digital art, installation, sand art, cyber art and other progressive forms of artistic expression. Germany, Spain, Australia, Turkey, the US and Mexico are among the countries participating at the 7th edition of ‘30 Performances, 30 Artists, 30 Days.’