• TEHRAN.(HONARONLINE) - The iconic Azadi Tower in southwest Tehran will be the screen for a projection mapping created by French composer, conductor, multimedia artist and researcher Stéphane de Gérando on Thursday.

  • TEHRAN, (HONARONLINE)- Three books of English poet and playwright including "Julius Caesar", "Hamlet" and "Henry V" have been translated to Persian by Abolhassan Tahami which is published in Tehran's Negah publication.

  • TEHRAN, (HONARONLINE)- British writer Anna Kavan’s 1967 novel "Ice" has recently been published in Persian by Nimaj Publications in Tehran.

  • TEHRAN,(HONARONLINE)- Persian version of "Pride and Prejudice" authored by Laurence Sach based on English writer Jane Austen’s novel has recently been published by Chatrang Publications.

  • TEHRAN, (HONARONLINE)- A Persian translation of "My Brother the Robot" from the "House of Robots" series by authors James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein has been published in Tehran.

  • TEHRAN,(HONARONLINE)- A Persian version of American writer and poet Jack Kerouac’s 1957 novel "On the Road" has recently been published by Kuleh Poshty Publications in Tehran.