Hossein Farmani

  • TEHRAN. (HONARONLINE) -Px3 is simultaneously launching “The State of the World”, a special contest dedicated to sharing important global stories focusing on issues that are current in our world.

  • Steve House in Kashan, which is a specialized gallery with a focus on photography, has received a gold license plaque. Mizan Architecture Event, in summer 2020, selected its winners from among 70 architectural projects. Steve House was established in the neighborhood of Kohneh Square in Kashan, near the oldest building in the city, by Hossein Farmani and with the cooperation of Hossein Roshanbakht and Hassan Roshanbakht on June 14, 2019.

  • TEHRAN.(HONARONLINE) – A collection of photos by Kenro Izu, a world-renowned U.S.-based Japanese photographer, is on display in an exhibition at the Steve House in the central Iranian city of Kashan, Famous for its rosewater and historical monuments.