Hanieh Sadr

  • A collection of artworks by Hanieh Sadri is in view in Tehran’s Etemad 2 Gallery. Entitled Tears on Fires, the show runs until 10 February. A statement by artist reads: “I See things in my surrounding the way I wish. Hence to me, being exposed to images is always accompanied by reverie. A reverie which as it is unreachable is sometimes mixed with regret. And as it is audacious and insurgent in its fictitious world, it sometimes becomes comic, and sometimes bitter, what has made my fictitious world boarder than ever and has added to the expanse of these reveries is today's media. As by shortly scrolling Instagram as such media I am exposed to a great deal of images which would like to mutate and personalize. This process has fascinated me so much during these years that even my paintings alongside the photographs are no exception.”