Divare Chaharom Theater

  • A new stage adaptation of Swiss author Friedrich Durrenmatt’s 1969 crime play Episode on an Autumn Evening is currently on stage at Tehran’s Divare Chaharom Theater. Akbar Hassani is the director of the play. Episode on an Autumn Evening is about a bookkeeper who makes a crash entry on a novelist. He’s noticed that the 21 murder mysteries the novelist is famed for just happen to coincide with 21 unsolved actual murders — and the novelist just happened to be in the vicinity at the time of each murder. The play was translated into Persian by the prominent Iranian stage director and playwright Hamid Samandarian who died of liver cancer at the age of 81 in summer 2012. A cast composed of Azizi, Alireza Madani and Elaheh Purehsan will stage the play until September 22.