The Iranian tourism ministry has cited the World Crafts Council-Asia Pacific Region (WCC-APR) as saying in an announcmeent that the fourth Indian Crafts Week will be held from October 20 to 23, 2022 in New Delhi, India.  This event, which is organized to introduce and promote India's handicrafts, is the second largest international event in terms of importance, which showcases its handicrafts.  Prominent art dealers and customers from all over the world will participate in this event along with thousands of ordinary visitors.

The organizers of India Handicrafts Week will try to create an atmosphere for countries, companies and organizations actice in the field of haddicrafts and also for the sustainable development of ''heritage and culture'', This event is an opportunity for Iran to showcase the unique works of Iranian artists and artisans along withits ''heritage and culture'' on a global level, In this way, Iranian artists can connect to a network of global buyers and clients.

Screenint of Handicraft Related Films, Symposium ''Role of Technology in Rapid Development of Handicrafts Sector'', Kanta Needlework Workshop, pod Painting Workshop, ''Investment for Handicrafts Sector'' Symposium, Needlework Workshop, Gond Painting Workshop, ''Culture Beyond Borders'' Symposium, Workshop Kach Needlework, Sanji Art Workshop, ''Four Pillars of Handicraft'' Symposium, Ramgar Clay Pottery Workshop, Kach Oil Art Workshop, etc. are among the programs of this four-day event.

For more information on the India Craft Week event, visit the event website at ''''

Source:Mehr News