Hoorieh Hadi's painting exhibition entitled "Oasis of the Gods" is on display at Mora Gallery. In an interview with Honar Online, Hadi said that the technique of his works is acrylic: Part of my job is random, but as I paint on the canvas, I think about how to get the shapes I want out of the colors. 

She said about the formation of this collection too: A few years ago, I was supposed to work as a designer on a collection of works by Abbas Habibi. At the same time, I became interested in Mesopotamian mythology and felt that they were somehow in tune with our world today. 

With referring to the patterns that have influenced his work, Hadi said: Naturally, the history of painting has been influential in these works. I am very interested in Michelangelo's works because there is a lot of exaggeration in his figures. But in terms of color, I am more influenced by Iranian painting, which means that I do not combine colors much, but put them together in small sizes, and what the viewer sees is the light and light reflection of the colors next to each other. Gray color is rarely used in Iranian painting so that color transparency is not lost. I do not know how those painters reacted to color, but I tried to maintain the clarity of my colors with the tools I had. 

"I am not an illustrator, but I always tried not to paint like everyone else," she said, referring to the narrative nature of his work. Before I became a painter, I worked in the field of poetry and fiction, and my mind was full of narratives. Even after painting, I could not escape from these narratives, and I came to terms with myself and realized that I could not paint non-narrative paintings.

Hadi continued: After recognizing the Mesopotamian myths, I felt that they have no nationality and we can talk about them in general. He also said about the title of the collection: I think we are still in the age of the gods and the age of man has not begun. The myth of creation is the story of the war of the gods and the creation of the world. One of these myths that is more attractive to me and can be seen in my works is "Tiamat" that man was born from his heart and the sea and sky were formed from his body.