An exhibition of paintings by Niloofar Rahnama is currently underway at Asar Gallery. In an interview with Honaronline, Rahnama stated that 11 works have been displayed in this collection: These works have been done with oil painting technique, but I have done it very thin and like watercolor. This collection started with small works and I used watercolors. Then I worked on larger dimensions and with very thin oil paint to preserve the texture and space of my works. 

Rahnama said about the subject of his work: The spread of corona and quarantine led to the formation of the "Shadows" collection, and the idea of ​​seeing and drawing surrounding objects came to my mind. I did not draw directly on objects, but mentally combined and drew. 

The artist added that the basis of his work is composition, adding: Form and composition have always been important to me, and this has not changed in this collection either. These works are figurative, meaning that objects are seen in their entirety. My concerns about the 2D screen have not changed, but the way it is presented has changed. 

She said: I am looking for purity by working with watercolors. By putting a stain or a drop of paint on the work, I try to keep what is happening. Many times the color is so thin that the background of the canvas can be seen, but sometimes I put a thick color next to it and I wanted the two to be next to each other and have different reflections.

The exhibit will run until May 20 at Asar gallery located at No. 16 Barforushan St., Iranshahr St.