This year’s exhibition will take place in Imam Khomeini Mosallah from April 16 to 29 with the motto “Quran, the Book of Hope and Peace”, the organizers announced on Monday.

“Given the meanings of many verses and stories in the Holy Quran, it is the book of hope and we chose the motto, which will be represented in all parts of the exhibition,” the director of the exhibition, Alireza Maaf, said.

He also noted that an online version will also be set up for those who cannot visit the exhibition in person.

The exhibition plans to dedicate a section to promoting the Nahj ul-Balagha, a collection of the sermons, letters and short sayings of Imam Ali (AS), and the Sahifeh Sajjadieh, a collection of prayers attributed to Imam Sajjad (AS), the fourth Imam of the Shia.

Experts on the books will be acknowledged during the closing ceremony of the exhibition. 

Maaf referred to Iran’s large child and adolescent population and said, “We did our best to bridge between Quranic meanings and games.”

“In a section dedicated to children and young adults, 15 computer games developed based on Islamic teachings and cultural values have been showcased,” he added.

In addition, “The Garden of Verses”, a special section for children, has been initiated to familiarize children with the meanings of some verses in the Holy Quran.

Artworks and handcrafts representing Quran verses and teachings will also be showcased in a special area.

Due to the country’s special regard for diplomacy, Maaf said that a series of international webinars on the latest studies on the Quran and Islamic topics will be organized by the exhibition.

One hundred publishing houses have also been invited to showcase their latest offerings on the Quran at the exhibition, which is organized every year during the month of Ramadan.

Source:Tehran Times