Entitled “Sarve Ravan”, the exhibition has been organized at the Art Bureau of the Islamic Ideology Dissemination Organization to commemorate the martyrdom anniversary of Soleimani who was killed in a U.S. air raid in Baghdad on January 3, 2020.

Based on a call for photos published by the Iranian Photographers Center (IPC) of the Art Bureau, the exhibit was scheduled to be organized in the first martyrdom anniversary of Soleimani, however, it was canceled due to the pandemic, IPC director Ehsan Baqeri said in a press release published on Tuesday.
Over 1,000 photos were submitted to the center, about 130 out of which were selected for the exhibition that will be running until January 19, 2022.

The photos have been showcased in three categories, Professionals, Mobile Photos by People, and Photos by Young Adults.

“This exhibition illustrates people’s affection for General Soleimani, creating a special ambiance for visitors,” Masud Shojaei Tabatabai, director of the Art Bureau’s Visual Arts Office, said in a visit to the showcase.

He noted that photos have a special power to convey a message that other art media lack the potential and added that the exhibition can provide an opportunity for every visitor to get rid of the hustle and bustle of ordinary life, creating a good mood.

“One of the topics that can be noticed in the exhibition is General Soleimani’s presence in all parts of people’s lives; for example, his presence in the occasional Islamic rituals, everyday life of ordinary people, meetings with firemen, people’s houses, and Haft Seen table parties. His national popularity has been represented in all parts of society,” a visitor told the organizers.

Mehri Ezzati, a Photographer from Mashhad whose two works are on view at the exhibition, said, “Thousands of mourners bid farewell to General Soleimani at his funeral in Mashhad.”

“People’s affection for General Soleimani was very amazing for me and I attended his funeral to learn more about his political and military character,” she added. 

Source: Tehran Times