The opening ceremony was attended by Head of the National Committee of Iranian Museums Seyyed Ahmad Tabatabaei and Director of the National Museum of Communications in Tehran Hassan Amidi, and Director of Parnia Production Complex (Khane Sekke Iran) Rahim Parnia, according to IRNA.

In this museum, a collection of luxurious stamps that have been produced in cooperation with Iran Post Corporation and Parnia Production Complex as well as gold stamps of Iranian and world dignitaries that have been created in embossed form are being displayed.

According to Rahim Parnia, the display of gold and silver decorative stamps along with sculptures and reliefs by renowned masters of the country, as well as works of gold, silver and enamel art are the unique features of this museum.

He said that in this museum, over 70 pieces of decorative stamps, a collection of plaques featuring Iranian dignitaries and a collection of coins displaying Iran’s wildlife are kept.