The photo depicting a charcoal factory worker who gazes into the camera with his lifeless eyes won the prize in the Open Monochrome section.

The Banja Luka Photo-Cinema Club is organizing the contest in collaboration with the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP), the Photographic Society of America (PSA) and the International Association of Art Photographers (IAAP).

Max van Son from the Netherlands received the PSA Gold Medal for “Sounds of Amsterdam” in the Open Monochrome category.

The IAAP Silver Medal was given to Italian photographer Pietro Bugli for “Haflingers”, while the Salon Gold Medal went to Duaa Abdulla from Saudi Arabia for “Maternity”.

Amal Alameer from Saudi Arabia was selected as FIAP Best Author and received the top award of the exhibition.

Winners in the categories Open Color, Life and Photo Travel were also honored.

In the Open Color category, the FIAP Gold Medal was given to Yu Ling Ho from Taiwan for “Off-Road Competition”, while “Woman and Rain” by German photographer Ursula Bruder won the PSA Gold Medal.

Sasa Knezic from Bosnia and Herzegovina) was awarded the IAAP Gold Medal for “Section”, and the Salon Gold Medal went to the Dutch photographer Willem Halbach for “To a Dutch Office”.

In the Life section, “Is There Any Hope for Us” by Ahmet Residovic from Bosnia and Herzegovina won the FIAP Gold Medal, “Sun-Dried Noodles” by Yibing Wu from China received the PSA Gold Medal.
The AAP Bronze Medal was given to Amal Alameer from Saudi Arabia for “Sunset Colors” and the Salon Gold Medal was awarded to Zoltan Bisak from Serbia for “Breakfast”.

The FIAP Gold Medal in the Photo Travel section went to Jing Li from China for “Charming Scenery”, and the PSA Gold Medal was awarded to Pamela Liu from the USA for “The Holy Moments”.

Bulgarian photographer Minko Mihaylov’s “Morocco” won the Salon Gold Medal.

Source:Tehran Times