An exhibition ofFarsad Labbauf's works is on display at the High Line Nine Gallery in New York. The exhibition, called "Review of Parts and Existences," includes works created over the past twenty years and curated by Roya Khajavi. The works in this collection are paper collages using photographs that have been modified at different stages of the work. In each painting, several images are combined and thus various combinations are created. The next step in weaving is to use colored threads and sew them on the pictures.

Labbauf wrote in the statement of this exhibition:

"In 2000, after a long absence, I traveled to Iran and started sewing pictures together. This was an initial attempt to connect the past with the present, transcending time and cultural boundaries. By continuing to do so after returning to the United States, the sewing series increased in volume and content, leading to a more formal process. The pieces, which were photographed separately and later sewn together, created unique themes. The stitched lines became a dual element in each work, at the same time creating and disrupting the illusion of content.

The subjects range from personal portraits to replicas of Greek sculptures in Rome. At first I used the images I found, but after a while I started using my own photos as the main source, from classical sculpture to my friends and relatives. In the recently completed pieces, the lines are more accurate and follow my line drawings from the last decade. Cotton line design is used as a tool to play with volume and space, absence and presence, light and shadow, and to some extent the content of each effect. They are a tribute to the way we see the world, because in parts we can never see the whole, except from a distance."

Farsad Labbauf is a multidisciplinary Iranian artist living and working in the New York area. Best known for his linear figurative paintings. Farsad Labbauf is a multidisciplinary Iranian artist living and working in the New York area. Best known for his linear figurative paintings

 His work has been featured in more than sixty group shows across the globe, including the Saatchi Gallery in London, Leslie Lohman Museum in New York, Ex Aurum Museum in Pescara, Italy, as well as The Jersey City Museum in New Jersey. Additionally, he has held solo exhibitions in New York, Boston, Amsterdam and Tehran. Labbauf's work can be found in numerous public and private collections including The Salsali Museum, The Afkhami Collection, The Saatchi Gallery and The Newark Museum of Art as well as Carsten de Boer and Lie Sang Bong art collections.

The exhibition "Review of Parts and Inventions" will be held from September 23 to October 16, 2021.