The competition, held online in July, was hosted by Geneva, Switzerland. Inv members are a group of inventors. Out of respect for them, the use of the title “Inv” was approved for inventors and innovators.

According to IRNA, the Iranian team, comprising of Mamoudreza Gorji, Salar Basiri and Marjan Hajirahimi, built an apparatus for the preservation of manuscripts and antiques in museums. They won the title among 800 groups of participants who were from different countries.

The device will be installed and used in Tehran’s Armenian Museum of Anthropology in cooperation with the International Council of Museums’ (ICOM) Office in Iran.

Speaking at a meeting held in the office, Gorji, the representative of the Iranian team, said, “By making this device, we tried to reduce problems faced by museums, not add to them.”

He harbored hope that the invention can help museums to become smart.

Seyyed Mahmoud Tabatabaei, head of ICOM’ Office in Iran, said the world’s museums, including Tehran’s Armenian Museum of Anthropology, have faced many difficulties due to the spread of the COVID-19 disease during the past two years.

“However, a number of museums have used modern technology and cyberspace during the period to survive.”

He observed that the implementation of the project, designed by Iranian youths, is a fruitful measure which is expected to help museums make progress.

Alice Shahmoradian, director of Tehran’s Armenian Museum of Anthropology, said, “We do our best to keep the relics handed down to us from the past in the best possible manner. For example, we have a 600-year-old manuscript in the museum whose preservation is of great importance. By using the device, we can get closer to our goal, which is to protect the valuable objects of the museum.”

The project to install the device for monitoring and preserving the objects of the museum will be launched next week.

Source: Iran Daily