Speaking to IRNA, Ahmadi said the chess set’s scale is 12mm x 12mm, its diameter is less than one millimeter, its tallest piece, the king, is six millimeters, and its smallest piece is two millimeters high, IRNA wrote.

He noted that it took him about six months to make the set.

The artist added, the weight of this chess set is 690 milligrams and it is made of Acer monspessulanum wood and walnut tree wood native to Iran’s western province of Kurdestan.

Ahmadi is after registering his artwork in the Guinness Book of World Records and keep it in the Museum of Handicrafts in Kurdestan.

He said that there are miniature chess sets in the world, but none of them is made of wood.

A provincial official, Farhad Hamedi, praised the creation of the artwork and added that the artist asked for keeping it in the province’s museum.

The woodturner has been working on wood crafting since 2007 and has made functional and decorative wooden products such as a wooden bowl, sugar bowl, a pen, and cup, among other things.

More than 45,000 Kurdish artists are working in 42 different fields of handicrafts, 21 of which are native to the province.