The exhibition displays the rituals held during the Islamic lunar months of Muharram and Safar, IRNA wrote.  

Imam Hussein (PBUH) and his companions, 14 centuries ago, were martyred in the modern-day Iraqi city of Karbala by the forces of the second Umayyid caliph, Yazid, on the 10th day of Muharram, which is called Ashura.

An expert of the institute said Muharram and the event of Ashura, due to their importance, attractiveness and tangibility, are among the subjects that children and adolescents will beautifully display in their paintings.

Masoumeh Fazeli-Moqaddas added that when children feel something well and communicate with it, they portray it with all its details.

“These works have been depicted in different parts of our beloved country of Iran, relying on local culture, geography and Muharram rituals.” she added.

Painting the subjects of Ashura and Muharram could make the minds of children and adolescents more curious about the event of Karbala and acquaint them with the moral and human values and lessons hidden in the life story and martyrdom of Imam Hussein (PBUH) and his faithful companions.

Source: Iran Daily