The Health Ministry on Friday reported 34,913 new COVID-19 cases for the previous 24 hours, 458 of which were fatal, IRNA reported.

“Given the indefinite closure of all art and cultural facilities in Tehran, including the Iranian Artists Forum, which was to host the biennial, all previous schedules of the event have now been scrapped,” said the decision-making council of the biennial.

The painting event will be the 9th edition of the biennial, which aims to “promote painting among the public and the elite, while providing a platform to showcase visual arts in Iran,” according to the biennial’s official website.

The event will be held in three main categories: Panorama, forum, and curatorial.

Iranian painter, Amir Rad, is the director of the biennial, who is also a member of the decision-making council, which includes Farah Osouli, Helena Shin Dashtgol, Jamal Arabzadeh, Mohammadreza Firouzei, Mojgan Qoddousi, Hadi Mozaffari, Mina Naderi, Gholam-Hossein Nami, and Ali Nadaei.

Source: Iran Daily