The BLUES group exhibition is curated by Just Vanderberg at the ingrid deuss gallery in Antwerp, Belgium. The exhibition brings together seven pioneering artists, each of whom rediscovers the cyanotype historical photography process in its original and uncompromising manner. Cyanotype is a photographic printing process invented in 1842 by Sir John Herschel. Blue cyanotype printing is characterized by a chemical reaction when exposed to ultraviolet light. Ivan Ford from America, Gohar Dashti from Iran,

Arash Fakhim from the Netherlands, Mika Hori from Japan, Timo Liber from England,Erica Rodin from SwedenAnd Julie Van der Watt from Belgium are the artists whose works are displayed in this collection.

In addition to the blue exhibition, "Introduction to Cyanotype" workshops will be held for children under 12 as well as adults. cyanotypes of Dashti in this exhibition are organic materials that have been destroyed and broken before photography.


By Gohar Dashti

Gohar Dashti received her M.A. in photography from the Tehran University of Art in 2005. For the past 16 years, she has been making large scale photography with a particular focus on social issues. Her work references history and contemporary culture, as well as the convergence of anthropological and sociological perspectives; employing a unique, quasi-theatrical aesthetic, she brings to bear a diverse intellectual and cultural experience to illuminate and elaborate upon her perception of the world around her.Therefore, he commented on the beauty of the natural world and at the same time acknowledged the destructive effects of man on nature.

آرش فخیم

By Arash Fakhim

Arash Fakhim is a visual artist born in Tehran and living in Germany and the Netherlands. He tries to create dialogues through a visual language taken from everyday life. In the "tablecloth" collection, Fakhim transfers personal objects and various materials on the fabric using the cyanotype technique and creates a link between his Iranian origin and his Dutch upbringing.

The exhibition, which started on July 9, runs until September 4.